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About TortoiseLand


Tortoiseland was born in the humble back yard of Kevin’s Los Angeles home some 15 years ago...

...when Kevin built his very first outdoor pen for a couple of young Russian tortoises he had been given. Those two small tortoises quickly surprised him with their distinct personalities, smarts and curiosity and Kevin was hooked! He did a little online tortoise research and discovered The California Tortoise and Turtle Club (the CTTC) and his life was forever changed. This small non-profit organization has been around since 1964 and was created by humans who have a special bond and love for all Tortoises and Turtles! Kevin joined the Valley chapter (a mere $25!) and not only met other tortoise lovers, but was able, through the club, to ADOPT all kinds of cool and exotic tortoises in need of a great home.

Over the years, hundreds of tortoises of all shapes, sizes, and species would find their way to Kevin and he used his own money, research and love for these creatures to build a mini sanctuary, affectionately called TORTOISELAND (TL) by his neighbors and friends. Kevin never says no to a tortoise in need and so the Tortoiseland population changes all the time. He's a huge believer in adopting out out healthy tortoises in need of good homes. He NEVER sells, buys or trades these animals.

For more information about CTTC membership, or to make a donation, go to


With so many Tortoises coming and going and in need...

It takes a lot of volunteers to keep all the critters in TortoiseLand healthy and happy. In addition to his trusty canine co-pilots… Piper, Jack and Rocky.

Continue on to learn more about just a few of the wonderful people that volunteer their time and energy helping Kevin out.


Meet the stars of the show, the tortoises!

Max! It was love at first site when Kevin found Max 10 years ago, starving & locked away in a bathroom! Max has grown HUGE over the years and weighs in at 105 Pounds. He’s an African Sulcata.

Lumpy is affectionately named for the huge "bumps" on her shell. Kevin found her is an aquarium full of WATER--she's not a turtle and it's a miracle she survived. Her stunted growth and those bumps are the result of her terrible living conditions before Kevin came to the rescue. She’s an African Sulcata.

Red Mama is a friendly, majestic Redfoot tortoise. Built like a tank and the only female in the herd, mama surprised everyone by laying 11 HUGE EGGS ! Will they hatch? You gotta watch the show to find out.

Scout is the coolest, smartest, slick California Desert tortoise in the Universe. On day 1 of his arrival at Tortoiseland, Kevin watched in awe as Scout scaled the 4 steep patio steps and PUSHED his way through the DOGGIE Door! Scout thinks he owns the place and keeps everyone in stitches.

Spike is an African Leopard tortoise with drastic shell deformations. He and his brother, Leo arrived at TL when they were babies. But the similarities end there. Leo is a normal lookin dude for his species. But SPIKE, not so much. Despite his severe deformations, he is active and healthy and enjoys mating anyone he can catch!

Big Red….THAT striking head on this super healthy , frisky and FAST Red Foot tortoise says it ALL!!!!

Albee, the precious ALBINO baby. One in one in a hundred THOUSAND baby tortoises end up albino…and she was born with Kevin at Tortoiseland! What a wondrous and rare gem to behold. Yet Albino’s often have genetic mutations that make their survival unlikely.

Blackie is a 15 year old female Greek Tortoise. She’s a fertile lady, laying 2-4 eggs once or twice a year and has a husband who just refuses to leave her alone. She was recently savagely attacked by a raccoon and brought to our vet specialists. Did they save her life? Watch “The Tortoise Guy” and find out!

It takes a village, from neighbors, friends and veterinarians...

Next door neighbor Diane is absolutely Kevin’s most trusted assistant.  She volunteered at the Los Angeles Zoo for 25 years and just loves the tortoises.  She often takes over their care and feeding when Kevin is away.  Together, Diane and Kevin ensure all the tortoises are loved and properly cared for.

Neighbor Susan runs a community garden and delivers fresh organic greens and veggies to the hungry herd, and has spread the word to other local community gardeners who also donate greens.

Neighbor Julie and her adorable kids also help keep the torts fed and happy by bringing greens and hugs and smiles!

Daniel is Kevin’s roommate who instantly fell in love with the shelled creatures outside and helps out whenever he can.

Bren is a trusted friend who takes over all the duties of Tortoiseland when Kevin and Diane head off on exciting tortoise rescue missions.

Lori convinced Kevin to make a YouTube TV SHOW called “The Tortoise Guy” because she loves what Kevin does to help tortoises, and because she wants to show the world what we can all do to save the planet!! She Co-Produces the show with Kevin.

Durand also helps produce the show, keep things running smoothly and loves hanging out with the little guys in the tortoise nursery.

Dr. Karen Schachterle and Dr. Molly Gleeson are our official exotic animal veterinarians. She and her team at Access Specialty Animal Hospital in Culver City have helped The Tortoise Guy with the unique needs and medical issues many of the tortoises face—from neo-natal care for hatchlings and albinos, to rescues from animal attacks, feeding tubes and so much more. Did you know that x-rays can reveal not only what’s under a tortoise’s shell but also what they ate for lunch!


To authors, producers and designers.

Tim Bradley is an award-winning author and illustrator of children’s books. Tim has worked with several paleontologists, he and Kevin are always exchanging fun tortoise facts about the evolution of turtles and tortoises.

Kay Bradley is our Creative Consultant who reviews video content, print and website artwork for storyline and style cohesiveness.

Jess Bushyhead is a multiple Emmy award winning editor with years of experience and a laundry list of super-power editing skills. When the Tortoise Guy needed a T-Rex to demonstrate a history point, Jess brought one to life in no time.  We are grateful and lucky to have him on the team.

Paul Cheatham is Kevin’s right hand man.  He helps run the office, website, social media platforms and merchandise.

Billy Joseph & The Army of Love are a five-piece music force on a campaign to share rock & folk & soul with the world. Their sounds (2 LPs and an EP to date) can be heard everywhere that music streams throughout the universe. They are delighted to work with their dear friend Kevin Proulx on The Tortoise Guy. Billy Joseph wrote and performed the opening title music.

Greg is developing and writing "The Tortoise Guy" Children's Book! It tells the story of how tortoiseland began through the eyes of Max the 105 pound gentle giant. Look for our Book SOON and check out Greg's other books at

Corey is our web designer and loves watching The Tortoise Guy with his wife Kate and kids Wes and Zoë.


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